The objects of the Trust are:


For the public benefit to advance education in UK and internationally by :

(a) promoting the history of aviation and improving public awareness, knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of aviation, aeronautical literature and aviation history;

(b) acquiring and maintaining archive and reference materials and to identify, preserve and produce materials which record and promote the history of aviation;

(c) publishing journals, books, pamphlets, articles and information on aviation literature and maintain scholarships and provide grants, prizes and financial assistance to students and writers and others with a view to promoting knowledge of aviation and aviation history and writing of aviation literature.



The trustees of the charity are :


Dennis Clement

Dennis Clement - Membership Services Committee Chairman

My interest came from the school being in the back garden of Battersea Heliport so to speak with the approach to Heathrow overhead.  Gone are those days when Aeroflot aircraft could be read off with the naked eye while playing football in the school playground.  I am now retired from a career in Air and Sea Logistics.  I joined Air-Britain Council in 1997 and fairly quickly took on the Travel programmes which enabled visits to many areas in the world.  I am also Chairman of the Membership Services Committee.

Nigel Dingley

Nigel Dingley - Company Secretary & Publishing Committee Chairman

My abiding interest in aviation was initially fired by reading my father's well-thumbed wartime vintage 'Aircraft Recognition' by Saville-Sneath back in 1961.  Interest grew through the inevitable collection of Ian Allen books, then Putnam tomes, and of course Aircraft Profiles.  Enthused by civil rather than military aeroplanes, my main interest is in 1920s to 1950s period. I believe that the broad sweep of aeronautical history deserves greater attention than it has received in the past.  I am Chair of the Book Publishing Committee and Group Company Secretary.

Malcolm Fillmore

Malcolm Fillmore - Chairman

I am a retired insolvency practitioner, living near Gatwick.  My interest in aviation stemmed from living near Croydon Airport and under the flightpath into Heathrow.  Initially a spotter, this grew into a love of lists and a throwaway remark by the late Denis Fox (in the early 60s) as to the impossibility of anyone compiling a complete history of every Tiger Moth led to my undertaking that task.  This completed, it has led to my continuous expansion into other production and register databases.  I am an obsessional collector of aviation books, magazines and paintings - resulting in several house extensions and the desire to help bring the permanent Air-Britain archive into existence.  I have been active in the management of Air-Britain and in particular its publishing activities for many years and have even persuaded my wife, Ranjit, to become involved including taking the minutes at our Board Meetings!

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson

Immediately on joining Air-Britain in 1964, Paul Jackson contributed to the monthly Digest’s Readers’ Logs and military and civil aviation news sections. He was a founding member of the Humberside Aviation Society and editor of its newsletter, also finding time to contribute to the now long-defunct Blackbushe Movements and South-East Air Review, notably on foreign military aviation subjects. After semi-professional contributions to Aviation News and Air Pictorial in the 1970s, and a series of books for Midland Counties Publications, he became a full-time aviation writer in 1979 — both in professional market research and intelligence, and enthusiasts’ publications and part-works. He joined the compiling team of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft in 1988 and was appointed the book’s editor in 1994, filling that position to this day. He continues to submit information to sections of Air-Britain News and contribute technical drawings to the society’s books. ‘Hobbies’ exclusively concern aviation photography and flying an Aeronca Chief.

Phil Kemp

Phil Kemp - Deputy Chairman & Fly-In Director

I  got my first "CAM" (still stored in the loft) when he was 7 years old, having been taken to airshows since being in a pram. After regularly attending Stansted Branch meetings from the age of 13, I eventually became Branch Secretary, a post I held for 20 years until 2012. I joined the Air-Britain Council in 1997 initially as Branch Coordinator and then volunteered to take on the running of the annual Fly-In in 2001, a role I still hold! I currently Chair the Executive Management Committee and am a member of the Membership Services Committee. I am a keen aviation photographer and my aviation interests are diverse, but predominantly civil orientated. I have a special interest in the aircraft associated with Lloyd Stearman. I combine my Air-Britain activities with a full time job in the civil service where I specialise in project management and assurance, working at the heart of Whitehall for the Cabinet Office.

Sean Meagher

Sean Meagher

Ian Allan is squarely to blame for my interest in aviation when they sent a copy of CAM, rather than the requested railway book. Living under the approach to 28 Left at Heathrow, I quickly discovered that I could 'get the numbers' from home after school, rather than being limited to weekends only for trainspotting. Since leaving school I have worked largely on the periphery of Aviation, mainly in data support/analyst roles. Currently I work for a company which provides aircraft management and valuations to the aviation industry.

Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

My interest in aviation stretches back over 50 years, when I moved from spotting buses to aircraft. Having always lived near Heathrow my main interest is in airliners, but I enjoy seeing and photographing all types of aircraft. I am fortunate to be able to travel and this hobby has taken me to many different countries in pursuit of those exotic aircraft and interesting photos. Having retired from an accounting role, I have now taken on the position of General Manager for Air-Britain, which involves a number of different tasks, particularly in areas of communication with members, including the Message Board and Newsletter.

Rod Simpson

Rod Simpson - Executive Committee Chairman

I edit the house magazine, Aviation World which I took on following the sad demise of John Cook in 1997. I've been a lifelong aviation enthusiast and started out as a spotter at Turnhouse (Edinburgh) in the 1950s, pedalling my bike out after school to check out any arrivals (and there were not very many !!). A visiting Auster was a red letter day. After qualifying as a chartered accountant, I moved to London - and then on to Wichita in the USA where I worked for the marketing company, AvData. Having returned to the UK to a high-powered job in a leading catering company, I kept up my aviation excitement - and wrote several books (well, more than a dozen) and contributed to magazines before retiring and moving to full time aviation journalism. I now write for about six journals including FlyCorporate, AvBuyer, Revista Aerea and Aviation News. And - continue to find great content for Aviation World.

Simon Wills

Simon Wills

My aviation interests now lie with photography of a range of more modern subjects. General aviation, especially the more esoteric, and civil aviation starting from the last days of the big pistons are my particular interests. I am not sure how and when this interest in aviation started; maybe it was the distracting sounds of USAF F-4's coming into land over my school. Flying lessons started when the opportunity arose and I was subsequently very pleased to gain my restricted PPL. I manage ABPIC and serve on Membership Services Committees.

Tony Merton Jones

Tony Merton Jones

My early interest in aviation was inspired by visits to Cardiff, Bristol and Staverton Airports. Airline operations at these airports then concentrated my attention on British independent airlines, and a desire to both record and photograph their activities. I was one of the founders of ‘Propliner Magazine’ in 1978, which remains my major focus today. Favourite aircraft are British-built ‘propliners’, especially the Bristol Britannia, Vickers Viscount and Avro Tudor. I retired as an air traffic controller in 2008.

Dave Welch

Dave Welch

Mornflake porridge oats got me interested in aviation with a card of an Avro Vulcan in a packet in about 1952. Started spotting at Wolverhampton Airport, cycling to other Midlands places including Burnaston. I joined the ATC and flew in gliders at the old Stoke on Trent aerodrome. My first job was as a hangar rat at Wolverhampton. I worked as a CPL ground instructor for LSF Elstree and joined British Eagle Airlines as a navigator. I flew for various airlines and the RNZAF before re-training as a pilot. I made captain on the Dart Herald and for my final few years to retirement flew night mail with the Shorts 360. I was also a multi engine instructor/examiner, and licensed airframe & powerplant mechanic. Main interest is RAF and civil aviation history 1925 thru 1955. Still active as a photographer and probably have the world record for photographing DH Moths. (See ABPic) Still got the full set of Mornflake picture cards!