Air-Britain's members include hundreds of researchers who over the years have built up very detailed files on particular aviation topics. Over those years, Air-Britain's book and magazine publishing has benefitted from their efforts.

Sometimes, though, the work is too esoteric to be published as a book or too large to fit into a magazine. Equally, whilst we have published original material, there is little prospect of an updated edition to include what has been found since. But the researchers would still like people - both fellow researchers and the wider public - to be able to access what is now available. They would also be especially pleased if that results in feedback and further material. The aim of Researchers' Corner is to enable all of this to happen.

We will add to and update the files from time to time, depending on when sufficient fresh material becomes available.

To researchers

The material displayed in Researchers' Corner should be as fully researched as possible.

It should add significantly to what is already in the public domain, not just repeat it.

Please send material to be considered for inclusion in Researchers' Corner to Malcolm Fillmore

To visitors

The files are in PDF format - you will need software like Adobe Reader to view them.

If you can, do please provide feedback to the author, using the link or e-mail address provided. That would be hugely appreciated.

You can use the work in Researchers' Corner for personal purposes, including research projects, but NOT commercially, in any form.

Extracts may be used if the author gives permission and should be credited both to the author and Air-Britain.

The files

The files are available here

For the benefit of all researchers we supply the following details of Soviet Transports construction numbers and their location Soviet Transports an explanation & location

Air-Britain Researchers Corner