Message Board

We have our own message board, the Air-Britain Message Board, which is available at   This message board is intended to be used by Air-Britain members to post and share on a wide range of aviation related subjects, be it aviation news items, our own publications, advice / requests on viewing and photo opportunities at various airfields and airports, photography, etc.   As the board develops we will update the structure to match the postings being made to the Board.

Air-Britain members will be able to register and then post to the board.  Non-members will be able to view the postings, but at this stage we will not be allowing them to post.  There is a guide on how to register on the board, which is viewable before you actually register.   Please allow time for the administration team to check your registration against our membership.  Normally we will aim to do this within 24 hours, but sometimes it may take a little longer.

The message board does not replace our other web activities including :

  • The Air-Britain website, where there are a number of files in both the Researchers Corner and Members Areas of the website
  • AB-IX – the e-mail group which allows members to raise aviation-related questions
  • ABPic – our site for photo sharing, which now has in excess of half a million entries
  • Facebook – our window to a wider audience, not necessarily just members

If you have any queries, especially problems with registering, then please e-mail and we will try to help.

Air-Britain Message Board