On 20th and 21st June, 2009 Air-Britain held its 30th Fly-In event, again, returning to North Weald with organisation by the team from Stansted Branch and our hosts, The Squadron.

The themes for this year's event had a very French bias as we marked the centenary of Bleriot's Channel crossing. We also marked the 50th anniversaries of the MS880 Rallye, Wassmer Wa.40 and Gardan Minicab together with the Australian designed Airtourer and, by popular demand, the 75th anniversary of the Bucker Jungmann.

A general view of part of the static park and G-BHWK MS.880B Rallye Club

Thanks to the excellent support of the Brooklands Museum we were pleased to have a Bleriot Xl (G-LOTI) with us for the weekend and it certainly attracted much attention. That together with a variety of aircraft, particularly on Sunday, when it was joined by a Minicab, Aquila, Pietenpol Aircamper, Thruster and a trio of Medway Executive SLAs, made the public area particularly busy. Unfortunately sea fog along the Channel coast and thunderstorms across northern France thwarted many of our expected European visitors.

We would like to express our thanks to all pilots attending and the resident operators on the airfield for their cooperation and support.

The tricky cross wind (and, I suspect, the plethora of other Jungmann birthday events planned this year) put off many Jungmanns. However the recently restored G-JWJW did make it down from Breighton on Sunday.


CASA Jungmann G-JWJW and John Cook Memorial Trophy Winner Wassmer WA.40A Super IV HB-DCB

In total over 160 visiting aircraft joined us over the weekend.