New Book Sales

Air-Britain have an extensive new book range available from our Sales Department based in Tonbridge, Kent.  Our members can save up to one-third off all Air-Britain titles, so if you are not a member already why not join up today.

Latest Book News

Listed below are a few of the latest titles available from Air-Britain.  Click the link below for a more detailed list with further information and more offers (PDF format). Available Now -

Business Jets International 2018



Lancaster to York




Auster - the company and the aircraft

* Further print run received – available now *

Second Hand Book Sales

As part of Air-Britain's long-term Archival Strategy, we are actively seeking a comprehensive collection of aviation periodicals, ranging from the commercial monthlies through the various specialist magazines, manufacturers and corporate publications, to the myriads of amateur and enthusiast magazines - worldwide. The basic criterion behind any magazine series being collected is that the material therein is useful for research purposes.

The Periodical Archive (held by me) currently stands at about 27,000 separate magazines. While this will at some stage in the future be made available for research - hopefully by being digitised - this inevitably will be a while off yet - and require the services of volunteers! But if you know where a particular article etc is, we can probably already copy/scan it for you.

As part of this exercise, we are actively looking to acquire collections and donations - both from members and others. Inevitably, this gives rise to a substantial number of duplicates. Hence, we now have available for disposal an ever-growing collection of surplus magazines. These are being made available at a low price - so as to find homes where they will be appreciated rather than the ignominy of a landfill site!

This list (which is as yet only a fraction of what is in store) will be updated regularly and frequently, so please keep visiting the list to see if those magazines missing from your collection have been added.

Malcolm Fillmore (click link to email Malcolm)

Full list of available magazines and books