Second Hand Book Sales

As part of Air-Britain's long-term Archival Strategy, we are actively seeking a comprehensive collection of aviation periodicals, ranging from the commercial monthlies through the various specialist magazines, manufacturers and corporate publications, to the myriads of amateur and enthusiast magazines - worldwide. The basic criterion behind any magazine series being collected is that the material therein is useful for research purposes.

The Periodical Archive (held by Malcom Filmore) currently stands at about 27,000 separate magazines. While this will at some stage in the future be made available for research - hopefully by being digitised - this inevitably will be a while off yet - and require the services of volunteers! But if you know where a particular article etc is, we can probably already copy/scan it for you.

As part of this exercise, we are actively looking to acquire collections and donations - both from members and others. Inevitably, this gives rise to a substantial number of duplicates.

Members should be aware that a new list has recently been uploaded and includes a number of rare and out-of-print Air-Britain publications as well as various highly collectable items.  This results from our acquisition of two collections recently.

The latest list includes books from two major collection donations, thanks to Terry Mitchell and the widow of the late Tony Beales. Much more from these two sources will be uploaded over the coming months.

This and further updates to reflect the listing from these collections will be uploaded to the Full list of available magazines and books.


Available to end January 2019

    - Buy any three books from the Second-hand Department and get the lowest priced book FREE.
  • FLIGHT Magazines
    - Buy any 10 from the post-1945 listing for £3.00 (normal price £5.00) or any 20 for £5.00 (normal price £10.00)
    - Buy any for 50% discount off listed price.


Malcolm Fillmore (click link to email Malcolm)

Full list of available magazines and books