Air-Britain's monthly house magazine (17cm x 24.5cm)

2018 - total 2504 pages - that's an average of over 200 pages every month

In each issue:

  • United Kingdom & Isle of Man Registers - comprehensive review of all changes, including Additions, Cancellations, Changes of Ownership and Casualties. (Alan Johnson).
  • AHUK Register - Detailing additions and changes to the Aviation Heritage UK register of airframes. (Lloyd Robinson)
  • Around and About - Movements, base changes and other aviation happenings from around the UK and Ireland, plus reports of current and former UK-registered aircraft noted abroad. (Stuart McDiarmid)
  • U.S. Register - Extracts from the US Register - covers all types except Airliners, Biz Jets and Biz Props - all additions, cancellations with fates where known, reservations and now comprehensive details of "dead" aircraft being purged from the US Register. (Barrie Towey).
  • Overseas Registers - All Registers other than UK, Isle of Man and US (for this month's list see cover thumbnail). Regularly includes around 100 countries. (Ian Burnett).
  • Preservation Notes - News from museums and collections worldwide. (Bob Ogden)
  • Display Diary - Enables readers to share their experiences and logs of aircraft seen at UK & Ireland events, from major displays to very informal fly-ins. A chance to fill in those gaps in your logs and correct mis-sightings. We try to cover the more obscure airfields around the UK. Also notice of forthcoming events. (Trevor Warren)
  • Hot Air Ballooning - All known UK Balloon & Airship sightings, and reports on balloon meetings worldwide. Calendar covering all known forthcoming balloon events. (Mel Kirby)
  • Military Aviation- UK Military Movements covers the main active UK bases, utilising reports sent in from Air-Britain members. Also recent unit movements. Overseas covers all other news. averages about 20 pages of military matters, including Military Surplus around the World. Contacts - UK Scene (Steven Wells) or Foreign Review (David Woods)
  • Emergency Services - News from Police Aviation News, including Police and all other emergency services aviation news. (Bryn Elliott)
  • Islander News - Includes changes to Britten-Norman Islanders provided by B-N Historians (Contact B-N Historians )
  • Biz Props - production changes for Aero Commanders, King Airs, Cessna 4xx's, MU-2's, Cheyenne's, Merlins etc. (Ton van Soest).
  • Biz Jets - Gives as much detail as possible relating to the histories of purpose-built business jet aircraft (but not airliner types adapted for bizjet use), from production line to final resting place. Records the many registration changes that occur around the world each month - not just those that result in changes to the marks worn by an aircraft, but ownership changes as well. Includes as many delivery flight details as possible for factory-new and exported aircraft, together with ferry flights from factory to completion centre for the larger types and base changes for all types when these can be identified. Also fates of aircraft once they have reached the end of their flying careers. (Steven Sowter).
  • Commercial Airline News - Up to date coverage of airliner orders from airlines and leasing companies. News from the major civil aircraft manufacturers, in particular details of models being developed and tested. Fleet changes/disposals and leasing arrangements are an important part of the section and construction numbers, registrations and (where applicable) previous identities are shown. Also news of new routes, route frequency changes and changes of aircraft types used. (Stephen Moon)
  • Commercial Scene - Airline Production changes and orders for all Airliners - Airbus (Charlie Stewart), Boeing (Stephen Jakeman), BAe/ATP (Colin Frost), Propeller airliners except ATP (Mark Gould), All other jet airliners, such as  Bombardier, Canadair, Douglas/McDD, Lockheed, Fokker (Stephen Jakeman), Soviet, Czech and Chinese production (Peter Hillman)
  • Photographs - Topical photographic coverage
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