Programme Details 2016/17

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 IMPORTANT !!   :   From January, ALL meetings will now be held on the second MONDAY of each month.

In order to allow more time to arrive, set up and eat we will now start at 8.00pm and no longer have a break at around 9.00pm.
I have been secretary since 1999 and have decided that I must now take a step back from not only LSA-B but other activities that I am involved with. It is time for me to step down and allow a new secretary to take over from me in June 2017. This will be final and if we do not get a new Secretary by December then we will close down in June 2017.

Programme Details December 2016 to June 2017

637 - WEDNESDAY 14th September 2016.    Rich Graham - F4 Wild Weasel Operations in Vietnam.
Colonel (Ret) Rich Graham flew 210 combat missions in Vietnam. 145 missions were in the F-4D with the famous "Triple Nickel" squadron, the 555th Tactical Fighters Squadron, at Udorn, Thailand from April 1971 to April 1972. He then flew 65 combat missions in the F-4C Wild Weasel role from September 1972 to January 1973, playing a dangerous 'cat and mouse' game with the SAM sites.

638 - WEDNESDAY 12th October 2016.    Ed Macy MC - Apache : A rescue in Afghanistan
A talk straight from the cockpit of the world's deadliest Helicopter covering the aircraft's technology, and the comradeship and tragedy involved in the true story of a rescue under fire in Afghanistan, with photos, maps and a video of the actual rescue operation. Not to be missed!

639 - WEDNESDAY 9th November 2016.    John Birtles - The History of De Havilland


640 - MONDAY 9th January 2017.    John 'Smudge' Smith - The History of Duxford and its Satellite Fowlmere from 1917 to the Present Day.
A talk on the history of Duxford and its sister airfield at Fowlmere, from their beginnings during WWI to the present day covering the building of both aerodromes and the various units stationed there between 1918 and the build up to 1939, the RAF units stationed there from September 1939 including the Battle of Britain and the subsequent hand over to the USAAF until 1945. The return of the RAF until closure in 1961 and the tenure of the Imperial War Museum to date.

641 - MONDAY 6th February 2017.    Rod Dean - Flying and Displaying Vintage Jet Aircraft.
An illustrated talk covering his introduction to display flying in the Hunter in 1972 at RAF Chivenor through displaying vintage jet aircraft such as the Vampire, Venom, Meteor, T33 and F86A plus, of course, civil registered Hunters. Includes a number of short videos and technical details on the various aircraft.

 642 - MONDAY 6th MARCH 2017.    Graeme Douglas - B17 and B24.
Graeme's presentation compares the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress to the Consolidated B-24 Liberator. Graeme weighs up the pro's and cons of each aircraft and explains why each type was preferred by the USAAF, USAAC and US Navy and their differing capabilities.

643 - MONDAY 10th APRIL 2017.    Mike Biddulph - The Percival Proctor.
Mike will give us an account of his life growing up as a son of a Percival Proctor owner. His love of this aircraft influenced his decision to start restoring this much admired but now scarce machine at Great Oakley, which has become the home of four Percival Proctor's and the process of restoring the aircraft from "farm fresh" condition to full flying status there.
644 - Monday 8th MAY 2017.    Steve Atkin - Hangar 11.
Hangar 11 at North Weald houses a Hurricane, Spitfire, Mustang and Kittyhawk. Steve's talk gives detailed descriptions of each aircraft covering when it was purchased and the work carried out on them to restore them to the fabulous condition we see them when being flown by Peter Teichman.

645 - Monday 12th JUNE 2017.    Greg Baughen - From Flying Dreadnought to Dogfighter - The Troubled Birth of the British Fighter 1911-1918.
Before the Great War, army generals knew that aircraft were going to play a crucial role in future wars and that a way of shooting down enemy planes had to be found, and British efforts to solve this were inspired by the Royal Navy's dreadnoughts. The Royal Flying Corps mistakenly planned to rule the skies with their own aerial battleships and this concept delayed the development of the single-seater fighters that were needed to challenge the German Fokker's and Albatros's.

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Venue Details: The Barley Mow, 104 Horseferry Road, SW1P 2EE.

The Barley Mow is less than 10 minutes' walk from St James's Park Tube. Take the exit signposted Broadway, Victoria Street and New Scotland Yard, straight across at Victoria Street and keep going ahead until Horseferry Road curves left and the pub is at the junction with Arneway Street. Access to the function room is through the Horseferry Road entry to the Pub. Meter restrictions vary, check carefully!!!

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MEETING TIMES. Entry from 1900hrs, start at 2000hrs.
Meetings end between 2145 and 2215hrs.

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